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Recent case law has required employers to furnish their employees with a number of different policies that must be in place. In addition employers must also offer their employees avenues that allow them to address their most pressing complaints. Employers are also responsible for making sure that their employees know and understand all of the details and intricacies involved in the company’s policies. To support your company, we offer a variety of solutions customized to fit the needs of your business goals and specific concerns.

Services and Solutions

  • HR/Employee Relations: "Your HR Partner" offers help with various employee relations’ issues including unbiased investigations regarding complaints and/or harassment issues. We also can help determine what causes a decline in morale and productivity, which often leads to an increase in turnover. We even offer general suggestions as it relates to your HR needs, based on labor law.

  • Policies/Procedures: As a member of management, you can be held personally responsible for lawsuits filed.We help to protect your company to ensure you have the proper policies and procedures in place. If you need a simple review of your current policies or a policy created to address a unique or specific concern, we can help. Don’t have a Company Handbook? We can create a handbook that meets your needs and addresses your company’s specific issues. To assure that all of your policies are reviewed and handled legally, we maintain the services of a licensed attorney with over 30 years of experience in the HR field.

  • Compensation: So often, as a company grows, they find themselves losing track of pay rates, salary increases and current salary scales for comparable jobs in the marketplace. We can help with salary comparisons, in addition to creating salary and grade band structures as well as a performance based compensation structures and review processes.

  • Benefits: In today’s marketplace, benefits are often the ultimate deciding factor when it comes to attracting and keeping good employees. We assist in setting up entire benefit plans, which include everything from medical, dental and vision insurance to supplemental income benefits, all the way to simple discount programs. However, benefits don’t stop there. We also assist in reviewing and/or suggesting employee recognition programs, incentive programs, wellness programs and general employee assistance programs.

  • Training: "Your HR Partner" understands the challenges you face when getting policy information to employees or making sure they understand the policies. We help your business by providing a full explanation of policies involving harassment, violence in the workplace, dress codes, ethics, IT and code of conduct issues. For example, now and then first time managers and supervisors are in need of basic supervisory training as well as time management, building teams and dealing with change. To assure that everything is clear, and understandable "Your HR Partner" offers interactive training programs that are customized for each company. Whether you're seeking a quick, one-hour seminar or a half-day interactive event, we can help.

Our goal is to assure that your company positively reflects your image. If your company operates 7 days a week and you have multiple shifts, "Your HR Partner" can help! As a flexible company, we offer our services in the evenings and on weekends, so if you are ready to grow your business, we are here to help. Whenever you are ready to speak with our team of experts, we can productively determine your human resource needs. Simply contact us at 972-369-2045 or e-mail us at info@yourhrpartner.com to learn more and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.
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